Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seoul Bulgogi, smalam.

1. A random guy/girl comes up to you and says 'hey babe.' you say:
+wadde...? OR heyya gojes... Tgk dlu orangnye cemana ngehe.
2. what was the last thing you put in your mouth?
+KFC's whipped potato nyum nyum!
3. what does your last text message says?
+Sayang, yyg rasa tak bes la seoul bulgogi tu. Mknn dia tak unik cam jonis blablabla.
4. the last song you listened to?
+Kabus Ribut - Buttafingas
5. what's irritating you this very moment?
+Back to main office, which is suxxxx!
6. where is the rest of your family right now?
+Mostly in Kuantan.
7. what did you do yesterday?
+Work, n dinner at Seoul Bulgogi.
8. pick a scar on your body, how'd you get it?
+Scar on my left arm, from hot spatula.
10. what do you want to do when you get out of high school/college?
+To get married to some wealthy husband so I won't have to work!
11. how old is your mom?
+60 sumting.
12. are you signed onto MSN?
+No, thought its some kinda stoneage stuff.
14. who's your most religious friend?
+Err, combi?
16. if you could change your name to anything what would it be?
+Arissa! Ai laik!
17. what's the best compliment someone has given you?
+Yyg yang paling baik and paling sabar pernah b kenal and tak pernah putus sayang kat b. <-- Yang ni yg paling melekat kat ingatan aku. Ada banyak lagiiii pujian2 yg diterima lam idop ini tapi tak hengatt... Hak hak.  
18. what do you hate most about your school?
+Hisssstoryyy (say it like Missssteriii)
19. miss someone?
+Yes. Nak plok tahap tiada esok bagimu rasanye...
20. last time you took a plane ?
+2001! Dah jakun smula kalo dapat naik lagi!
21. how many times a day do you log into myspace?
+Not applicable anymore!
22. last profile you went into?
+Dejah Salleh's
23. what's the first thing you would do with five million bucks?
+Head straight to VW dealer in Jalan Ampang n purchase my blue beetle! Or red? Or blue?
24. do you like this survey so far?
+Suke! Sbb tadek orang tag pon aku gatei gak nak wat, menunjukkan betapa sukenye aku wahai survey! Wahahahah!
25. who's the fourth person on your top friends, and why?
+Fourth? Haih takde keje aku nak kasik nombor kat dorang. First ada lah.
26. how would you react if numbers three, six, and eight on your top friends all of a sudden hated you?
+Of coz curious gile nak tau konspirasi gile ape yg sedang berlaku ini.
27. next thing you'll spend money on?
+A shoe! Or a sandal! For all that matters. Sakit kaki jalan jauh dari lrt ke opis...
28. what's one toy you remember having in the 90's?
+90's, and that makes me a 10-year-old plus. cam tadek toy dah je. Main getah ke, galah panjang ke, uji rashid ke ada la. Tapi time kecik aku suke kete polis yg akak aku beli yg ada siren n kalo langgar dinding, dia akan reverse. .
29. if you had a son what would you name him?
+Woahh... Slalu terpk Adam, tapi must be Adam samting bin Adi Beruang he he slamber.  
30. look through the nearest window, what do you see?
+Just a blurry vision of another high-rise.
31. what's your mousepad look like?
+It looks like a meja. Dah lama tak pakai mousepad daa...
32. who's someone you drifted from that you wish you were closer?
+Hmmm... Ciktemah? Sbb aku tak penah paham kenapa ended up camtu...
+Fizah n Blet n Yatie...

33. which of your friends do you argue with most?
+Ala, kawan pon tak seberapa ramai. Takyah argue la, less headache.
35. what's your dream job?
+Stewardess! Haha mmg DREAM job!
36. who's the last person that you felt was stalking you?
+Err, how about nada? Statement tak gojes. T_T
37. if you could have any car what would it be?
+Any convertible will do. :)
38. what's your favorite breakfast food?
+Nasik lemak sambal kerang n telur ikan nyummmm!
39. how do you like your eggs?
+Half boiled.
41. how about a tattoo?
+Tak tercapai dek akalku.
42. what mood are you in?
+Bored, but fine.
43. what's a movie you want to see in the theatres?
+Before this, Sex n The City and You Don't Mess With The Zohan, tapi kuar lamat sangat on theatres, so dah bli kat pasar mlm depan umah. :D
44. if you had to live somewhere else where would it be?
+Sydney, Australia of course...
45. what's the last four numbers of your phone number?
+8233. Apa punye soklan da..
46. how many hours did you sleep for last night?
+5 hours
47. where will your next car ride be to?
48. if you could live in any tv show again?
+Desperate Housewives, I'll be the 6th hottie on Wisteria Lane you'll adore!
49. what video game do you play most often?
+Mario Forever!
50. what are you wearing right now?
+My new nyonya kebaya sulam and pants. :)

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